Company History

1971   :   Initiating the production of low voltage electrical cable and wire, in its factory, in Pulo Gadung.
1975   :   Expansion of facilities to produce enameled wire, and automotive cable.
1980   :   Acquired 60% of PT. Alcarindo Prima’s shares, producer of aluminum wire rods, and 40% of PT. Alcas Dharma Pratama’s shares, producer of aluminum casting alloys.
1983   :   With the support of the subsidiaries, PT Voksel Electric Tbk., expanded into a wider range of products, producing low voltage aluminum XLPE cable, and aluminum conductors.
1987   :   Marking the start of the commercial production of the telecommunication cable in Cakung Factory.
1989   :   This year marked an important change in status, from a domestic investment company into a foreign investment and joint venture operation with Showa Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., Japan, which has facilitated the transfer of technology, while readily opening up export markets. This year also marked Voksel’s further business expansion by obtaining 25% of PT. Kawat Mas Prakarsa in Tangerang, producer of electrical cable.
1990   :   The globalization of markets are placing increased demands on quality, product range, and quantity of supply. Supporting further its expansion program, Voksel’s shares were listed on Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchange, and successfully generated the required fund.
1991   :   The expansion of advance and higher output production facilities in Cileungsi Factory, Bogor.
1993   :   Commercial production of medium voltage cable in Cileungsi.
1994   :   PT. Voksel Electric TBK successfully introduced its second right issues into the Stock Exchange markets.
1995   :   Through its consistent and in-depth transfer of technology program, PT. Voksel Electric Tbk. acquired the ISO 9002 : 1994 award, a recognition extending over its factories and entire product range.
1996   :   Releasing bonus shares.
1997   :   Developing new technology by producing Optical Fiber Cable through Technical Cooperation with Showa Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., Japan.
1999   :   Succeeded to achieve ISO 1991 : 1994.
2003   :   The Management system of PT. Voksel Electric, Tbk. has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2000 from SGS Yarsley International Certification Services, Ltd.
2004   :   Prima Mitra Elektrindo - a subsidiary trading company was established with 99% ownership by Voksel.
2004   :   Cakung Factory and Gajah Mada Head Office were consolidated into Cileungsi Factory.
2005   :   PT. Voksel Electric, Tbk. has decided to discontinue its Enameled Wire division since June 2005, in order to improve the operating profit.
2006   :   Bangun Prima Semesta - a subsidiary trading and construction company was established with 96 % ownership by Voksel.
2008   :   Expansion of Fiber optic capacity to 1 million single core km.
2010   :   The Management system of the Company has been assessed and certificated as meeting the requirement of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
2012   :   Open an Al Casting Division and Producing EC Grade and Alloy.
2015   :   Started developing and manufacturing High Voltage Electric Cables.
2016   :   The Company continues to enrich its manufacturing capability of products by producing OPGW.