Aerial Self Supporting Cable

(Solid PE Insulated, Aluminium Screened, Polyethylene Sheathed Galvanized Steel Wire Beared Cable)

Figure 8 Self-supporting cables are designed for self supporting aerial installations, mainly used in the  distribution network connecting cross connection cabinet with terminal blocks, PE solid insulation and 10 pair unit system facilitate easy handling of the cable in jointing, termination and maintenance work. Cable core and galvanized steel messenger are integrally assembled to form configuration to simultaneous installation of cable and messenger.


Solid annealed copper in size 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0 mm.

Colored, solid polyethylene with excellent electrical and mechanical properties Nominal thickness of insulation as per table 1.

Table 1. Insulation Thickness
Conductor Diameter Nominal Thickness of
0.6 mm 0.25mm
0.8 mm 0.30mm
1.0mm 0.35mm

4 insulated conductors are twisted evenly into a quad. The make up and color scheme are arranged as per fig.1 and Table 2

10 Pair Unit
5 quad (quad No. 1 to 5) are bunched together into 10 pair as shown in fig. 2 and than bound with colored binder tape. Color scheme of the binder tape for 10 pair unit on each layer are arranged as per Table 3.

Cable Core
Approriate number of 10 pair units are stranted into a compact and cylindrical cable, and then wrapped with layers of binder tape.

STEL K - 001 ; SII 0611 - 82 ; SNI 04 - 2064 - 1990

Cable Designation : U - E (Pe) ES

Table 2. Color Scheme of Insulation
QUAD No. Color of Insulation
1 White Blue Red Black
2 White Orange Red Black
3 White Green Red Black
4 White Brown Red Black
5 White Grey Red Black

The polyethlene with black color providing the cable with a tough, flexible, protective cover which give the ability to withstand exposure to sunlight, atmospheric temperature, ground chemicals and stresses expected in standard insulations.

Table 3. Color Scheme of 10 Pair Unit on Each Layer
Number of
10 Pair Unit
Color Of
1 Red 1 - 10
2 White 11 - 20
3 Yellow 21 - 30
4 White 31 - 40
5 Yellow 41 - 50

NB: Binder Tape of 10 unit on each layers stars from red color, followed by white color and yellow color respectively.

Electrical Characteristic
Conductor Resistance at ambient temperature
Conductor Diameter  Maximum
0.6 mm 65 Ohm/km
0.8 mm 36,5 Ohm/km
1.0 mm 23.4 Ohm/km

Insulation Resistance at ambient temperature
Minimum : 10.000 M Ohm Km/ Minute

Mutual Capacitance at 800 Hz
Conductor Diameter  Maximum
0.6 mm 55 nF/km
0.8 mm 55 nF/km
1.0 mm 62 nF/km
Capacitance Unbalance at 800 Hz
Combination 95% of cases 100% of cases
Within a quad Max 400 pF/300m Max 800 pF/300m
between Different Quad - max 300
between pair & screen - max 800